Saint Benedict Catholic Voluntary Academy Alumni returned to give Years 11, 12 and 13 the benefit of their experience.

Ex-students who are now at university or completing apprenticeships came back to the academy for its annual Meet the Undergraduate and Apprentice event.

Students were given a booklet containing questions they might like to ask along with a list of the ex-students attending and the courses they were studying or details of their apprenticeships.

Areas covered included Apprenticeships, Healthcare, Veterinary Science, Education, Architecture, Criminology and Law, Psychology, Maths, Science and Engineering, English, English and French, Art and Theatre.

Fran Vause, Director of Learning for Science and Sixth Form tutor, organised the event.

She said: “This is an extremely useful event for our current students and gives them the chance to find out more about the possible pathways they could pursue after they finish school.

“We encourage them to ask questions about why ex-students chose an apprenticeship or university, the application process and their first impressions of the course they have chosen.

“Hopefully the event leaves them feeling inspired and informed and goes some way to helping them decide if they want to go to university or pursue an apprenticeship, what course they want to study and the kind of preparation that they need to be doing.”

Ex-student Ashley Mpofu, 21, is studying to be a children’s nurse at Birmingham City University.

She said: “I love what I’m doing. I decided I wanted to be a children’s nurse because I like working with children and young people. My advice to the current students would be that if something doesn’t work the first time you should always have hope because there are other options, look for gaps in the industry and also listen to your parents’ advice.”Meet the Undergrad 2017 3Meet the Undergrad 2017 4Meet the Undergrad 2017 5Meet the Undergrad 2017 1