Students have taken on the Tenner Challenge to boost their business skills.

A total of 120 Year 12 students are part of the Young Enterprise initiative with the aim of developing skills that employers are looking for.

Students work alone or in groups and are given £10 as start-up capital and they are asked to come up with and run a business that can make a profit for charity or for school.

Skills that will be developed throughout the process include leadership, teamwork, organisation, creativity and confidence.

Andy Fox, enterprise link teacher, said the idea was to help students to develop transferrable skills.

He said: “In the past students have sold cakes or wristbands and really enjoyed the process of trying to make a profit.

“Hopefully this gives them a taste of what they can expect when they enter the world of work and it will give them a head start when they are looking for work because it gets them thinking about all of the different types of skills that employers are looking for.

“We will evaluate their projects in the middle of March and see how they got on.”

The session in school was led by Richard Rochester, Young Enterprise manager, and follows on from a Young Enterprise business masterclass during which students learnt about how to conduct themselves in an interview and how to fill in an application form.

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