Caring for your Child

As a larger school we have the capacity to offer a wide range of experiences to our children, but by dividing our school into six Houses students feel part of a much smaller ‘family’ with their personal tutor and team of staff on hand to help.

In addition to this we have a wide range of support for our students from our full-time lay Chaplain, full-time nurse, Nurture Provision, Gifted and Talented Provision and Enhanced Resource Base. This means that the needs of every child can be catered for.

Each student remains within the same House and form throughout their time here and tutors stay in the same tutor groups, building strong relationships with the children they care for.

In addition to House Leaders, who are senior staff, and Deputy House Leaders, each House has its own full-time member of non-teaching staff who is there for all children.

Whether a young person needs additional work, help with organisation or support through a difficult time in their lives, all children benefit from having a caring and dedicated team around them.

Academy Houses