Welcome to the Chaplaincy pages of our Academy website.

I am Jannice Richthof and I am the Lay Chaplain. Our Chaplaincy is firmly rooted in the very heart of the mission statement and school community. Our mission statements is:

“At Saint Benedict Catholic School we will build up a loving community with Christ at its centre; develop potential to the full and strive for excellence; work and play in harmony; and treat each other with dignity and justice.”

With Christ at the centre of everything we do, our goals are:

  • To offer a comforting atmosphere where we our school community can receive guidance and support.
  • To organise events where students lead in our collective worship.
  • For our students to develop a deeper relationship with Christ and through his example do the good works he planned for them long ago.

How? By working with students, staff, parents, parishes, primary schools and be of service in our local community. The spiritual life of our school has been strengthened and enriched by the hard work and dedication shown by all those students who have expressed an interest and got involved with our Chaplaincy team known as the 2:10 PROJECT. The spiritual and prayer life of our school community is a very important part of our teaching and learning experience. By learning to pray together and sharing our experiences, we are strengthening with each other and our school community, and growing as the people of God.

Please browse through our pages of to find out more about the good work happening in our school.

The Chapel


Our Chapel is a very special place located in North Block. It’s open every day from 8.00am for anyone who wishes to come in and start the day in a few moments of prayer. The “Inner Garden” provides a beautiful place for prayer or reflection. The “Quiet Room” offers a place to retreat or meet or as it says, be quiet.


Mass is celebrated every Wednesday morning at 8:00am and as part of the Religious Studies with students from year 7 to year 10 organising and preparing the services.


The Chaplain and the 2:10 PROJECT organise the collective worship according to the liturgical seasons such as Advent, Lent and Easter Assemblies. Reconciliation liturgies occur throughout the year Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament is on the last Friday of every month at lunchtime.