Curriculum Intent

The Humanities curriculum will provide our students with a wide reaching experience enabling our young people to grow in to well rounded, understanding human beings.  They will be better equipped to interact with others and will develop a mature and understanding grasp of the world and its inhabitants.

Students will learn key transferable skills, such as critical evaluation, communication, debate, interpretation of media, extended writing to equip them for life in the world of study and work.  Students will study a rich and varied curriculum covering over 1,000 years of History, Physical and Human Geography, Sociology and Psychology.

Humanities will reinforce the Catholic ethos of the school through its teaching of Catholic History, religious toleration and conflict resolution.  Students will be educated about different cultures, experiences and traditions through the suite of subjects in Humanities.   Our students will be educated about their world, past and present, its people and the environment in order to help them to make safe and informed choices as they grow. 

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