Religious Education

Curriculum Intent

Our aim in Religious Studies is to provide all our students with a theological, moral, philosophical and ethical understanding of the lives of people of faith or those of no faith.  Through our curriculum, we prepare our young people to make a positive contribution in a diverse world, while respecting the beliefs and values of those they share it with.   

At KS3, we provide a curriculum which develops a deeper understanding of Catholic belief and practice, enabling our pupils to begin exploring their own faith.  Through the study of other faiths we aim to offer an insight into the diversity of religious belief, whilst appreciating the fundamental similarities of love and peace. 

At KS4, our students build on their prior learning, while developing sophisticated analytical and evaluative skills.  This enables students to be more questioning in their study of the impact of religious and non-religious belief on the lives of people in the modern world.   

At KS5, our General RE programme aims to establish a strong moral and ethical framework, which enables our young people to explore the challenges they may face when they move away from formal education into the wider world.   

At KS5, our A Level curriculum provides the opportunity for students to study theological, philosophical and ethical systems from an objective standpoint.  Through their studies, students will develop high level thinking, analytical, evaluative and writing skills, which will support them throughout their lives.

Director of Learning

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