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At KS3 pupils study a range of Poetry, Prose and Drama as well as Media and Non-Fiction texts. We aim to give our pupils a firm foundation in the skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening. Pupils will be taught both contemporary and classic texts from the Literary Heritage. Our aim is to offer pupils an holistic approach to their English experience by exploring the historical, cultural and social contexts of the texts studied.


  • Year 7 pupils will be taught in mixed ability sets.
  • Years 8 and 9 pupils are set according to ability.


  • Pupils will have their work levelled at regular half termly intervals and these levels will be sent to parents so that checking progress is done in partnership with home.

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Overview

Please click here in order to see details of the English curriculum in years 7, 8 and 9.


At KS4 students will study for the AQA examination. Building on the foundations laid at KS3 they will study a range of media and non fiction for the examination which is 60% of the total GCSE. The other 40% of the GCSE is comprised of controlled assessments which test the skills of reading and writing.

All students will sit their English Language and English Literature exam at the end of Year 11. We expect our students to make at least three levels of progress from KS2 to KS4.

Please click here in order to see details of the English curriculum in years 10 to 11.

KS4 Programme of Study

At KS4, pupils engage with various literary fiction and non-fiction texts: poetry, plays, novels and a variety of media texts. This broad range of texts helps prepare pupils for their GCSE examinations at the end of Year 11: English Language Unit 1 (Understanding and Producing Non-Fiction Texts), English Literature Unit 1 (Exploring Modern Texts) and English Literature Unit 2 (Poetry Across Time). It also ties in with their controlled assessment studies: the English Language controlled assessment folder comprises four pieces of writing (two Creative Writing pieces, one study of Extended Reading and one Spoken Language analysis), while in English Literature there is one piece of controlled assessment (a comparative study of fiction).

At regular intervals throughout the school year, letters will be made available to parents via the English Department webpage, outlining the programme of study for each year group during each term.


Students have the opportunity to study ‘A’ level English Language OR English Literature. We study the OCR syllabus for both examinations. In Year 12 students sit their AS, followed by A2 in Year 13, which completes the A level course. Students are advised to read widely around the topics as social, cultural and historical contexts are examined in conjunction with the fiction and non-fictions texts studied.

Department Staff

Mrs C. Kureczko Curriculum Leader

Miss A. Slater Deputy Curriculum Leader KS4

Mrs C. Kureczko Deputy Curriculum Leader KS3

Mrs J. Schiavone English Teacher and Assistant Headteacher

Mr. D. Thornhill English Teacher, Head of Kolbe and Literacy Coordinator

Mrs C. Pass English Teacher AST

Mrs R. Bushby English Teacher

Miss L. Kelly English Teacher

Mrs M Peden English Teacher

Mrs O. Wallace English Teacher

Mr J. Jenkinson English Teacher