Modern Foreign Languages


Years 7-9

Year 7: All pupils study French (five hours per fortnight)

Year 8: French (four hours per fortnight) and Spanish (two hours per fortnight)

Year 9: French (three hours per fortnight) and Spanish (three hours per fortnight)

In Year 7, pupils are offered the chance to visit France. In summer 2017, year 7 will visit the Nord –Pas-de-Calais region of France in a repeat of our very successful 2015 and 2016 visits to the area.

Years 10-11 (GCSE)

Both French and Spanish are offered for GCSE and some students choose to continue with both.

GCSE pupils have five periods a fortnight in Year 10 and the same in Year 11.

Where possible, pupils are entered for an additional GCSE in their home language. Polish, Arabic, Russian, Italian, German, Persian and Portuguese have all been taken in recent years.

Years 12-13 (AS/A2)

French and Spanish are offered at A level.

Students also have the opportunity to sit additional A Levels in their native language if they choose; Polish, Russian, German and Arabic have all been taken in recent years.


Years 7-9

In KS3 French we base our curriculum around the Allez course. In KS3 Spanish it is based around Mira Express course.


We use the AQA course for both GCSE French and Spanish.  Learning is supported by the EXPO GCSE French course and the MIRA GCSE Spanish course.


The AQA specification is also used for AS and A2 French. Learning is supported by AQA French AS & A2 courses.


A wide and varied range of additional material is used so that pupils are exposed to authentic materials in the target language.

We subscribe to some excellent language learning websites to allow students to work independently on improving their skills, including Quizlet and Kerboodle.


Mrs A Galletly (Director of Learning)

Mr R Hurley (Deputy Director of Learning)

Ms M Copley

Ms E Hernandez-Orza

Ms M Spencer

Mr K Orme

For more information on the Modern Languages department, please contact either Mrs Galletly or Mr Hurley at school.