The Science Department comprises of 10 laboratories, all of which are equipped with data projectors.


Mrs F. Vause: Director of Learning & Head of Biology

Dr M. Mistry: Assistant Director of Learning & Head of Chemistry

Mr J. Snow: Head of Physics

Mr. L. Fenn Griffin: Assistant Headteacher, with specialism in Biology

Mrs A Clewes:  Specialism in Chemistry

Mrs A Johnson: SENCO and teacher of science

Mrs J. Gash: Specialism in Biology

Mr J Flint: Specialism in Biology

Mr J Shepstone: Specialism in Physics

Mrs. K. Best: Specialism in Chemistry

Miss S Brown-Messam: Specialism in Biology

Mr S Brass: Specialism in Physics


Mrs J. Miles: Senior Technician

Miss S. Wickens

Mrs J. Wood



Mrs A. Flannigan

Mrs E. Rigby



Year 7 and 8 are set according to ability and have 6 lessons per fortnight.

Topics covered are:

Year 7: Skills; Movement and Cells; Earth and Universe; Particles and Mixtures ;Energy costs and Transfers; Electricity; Reproduction; Forces; Metals and acids

Year 8: Climate and Earth Resources; Digestion and Breathing; Magnetism; Periodic Table & Elements; Work Done; Photosynthesis & Respiration; Chemical Reactions; Waves; Variation

KEY STAGE 4 SCIENCE – YEAR 9, 10 and 11

GCSE students study one of two different courses. The decision on whether a student pursues the Triple Science route or the Combined Science route is taken in Y10.  All external exams are taken in Y11.

  1. Triple Sciences: comprises of three GCSE courses in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  2. Combined Sciences: equivalent to two GCSE courses


Courses are offered in:

  • Biology AS and A2
  • Chemistry AS and A2
  • Physics AS and A2
  • BTEC L3 Applied Science

Completion of any one of these courses leads to a full A Level qualification or equivalent. All subjects at KS5 have eight lessons per fortnight in Year 12 and ten lessons per fortnight in Year 13.


Weekly STEM clubs are offered one lunchtime per week.

Other STEM events take place during the year e.g. on 11th October 2017, 120 Y9 students will spend the day enjoying an event organised by the RAF; RAF100 STEM Experience.

Our school is partnered with Colegio Guillelme Brown in Ourense, Spain. The school holds a science fair every year in March.  In partnership with our MFL dept, in March 2016 and 2017, groups of 20 students from St Benedict CVA visited our partner school in Ourense, Spain. Before the visit, the students completed investigations about pollution in Derby to present at the science exhibition and compare with the Spanish students’ research.  A return visit of students from Spain took place in September 2016.  The theme for this visit was ‘water’. Activities included ecological sampling at Kedleston Hall, and a visit to Carsington Reservoir.  Another group of our students will visit out partner school in March 2018.

In the summer term, all AS Science students participate in the Sixth Form Poster Symposium.  Having researched a scientific topic of their choice, the students prepare and present a poster at the event, which is supported by parents, governors, staff, and other students. Many students use the opportunity to research a topic that may assist their university application.

We have had several successful applications to the Nuffield Research Placement Scheme.  This gives sixth form students the opportunity to conduct a research programme over a number of weeks within another establishment and then to present a poster at a conference.