Child Development

Child Development is offered as a GCSE Option subject within the department. Students have the opportunity to gain experience and study all aspects of a child’s development from conception to 5 years old. Students follow the AQA Home Economics: Child Development course which includes studying five subjects on; parenthood; pregnancy; diet, health & care of a child; development; and support. The topics covered in these sections include: puberty, conception, development of the foetus, care in pregnancy, birth and care of the newborn baby and the development of children up to 5 years old including diet and healthcare and child care and educational provision.

Students are required to complete two controlled assessment tasks; one  research task in Year 10 which accounts for 30% of their final GCSE grade and then one in-depth study on a child in Year 11 which accounts for another 30%. The final assessment is by way of a one and a half hour exam at the end of Year 11 which accounts for the remaining 40% of marks. Further details on this course can be found here: