Ethnic Fusion

13 pupils have started working this term on a new ‘Ethnic Fusion’ project in school. The aims of the project are to:

  • Celebrate different cultures and traditions
  • Celebrate and promote cultural diversity
  • Promote inclusivity
  • Raise cultural awareness

The pupils are going to be researching a variety of multi-cultural and ethnically traditional foods that can then be served in the school canteen. One day per week will be dedicated to having a lunch-time special to celebrate and raise awareness of a particular culture.

Ethnic-fusion-cook-off-001  Mrs-Smith-Ethnic-Fusion-photos-002  Ethnic-fusion-cook-off-003  Ethnic-fusion-cook-off-008  Ethnic-fusion-cook-off-009 (1)  Ethnic-fusion-cook-off-023  Ethnic-fusion-cook-off-029  Ethnic-fusion-cook-off-028  Ethnic-fusion-cook-off-033  Mrs-Smith-Ethnic-Fusion-photos-005  Mrs-Smith-Ethnic-Fusion-photos-016  Mrs-Smith-Ethnic-Fusion-photos-018  Mrs-Smith-Ethnic-Fusion-photos-022  Mrs-Smith-Ethnic-Fusion-photos-014