Health and Social Care

Health and Social Care is delivered through work-related contexts, allowing students to develop an understanding of the diverse and complex nature of the Health and Social Care sector.

Key Stage 4 GCSE is offered over a two year course.  It comprises of 2 units of work:

  • Unit 1 – Understanding personal development and relationships
  • Unit 2 – Exploring health, social care and early years provision

The method of assessment for unit 1 is a written examination of 75 minutes. Unit 2 is the production of a controlled assessment portfolio under controlled conditions.

It is expected, and necessary for success, that research for unit 2 is carried out in the students own time.

At Key Stage 5 AS and A2 level are offered as option choices for A level study. Students choosing to study Health and Social Care at A level are not required to have studied the subject at GCSE, but do need to have the correct entry qualifications for the Sixth Form.

The method of assessment is the production of reports/coursework and written examinations.

In Year 12 students are expected to attend a care setting placement from September to February for two hours once a week. The experience gained is used to support two of the units of work.

Health professionals, experts, and people with life experiences are used to enhance the learning experience in the classroom.

From studying ‘A’ level, Health and Social Care students move into a diverse range of careers in all aspects of health care, law and criminology, social work, environmental health, police, armed forces, counseling and teaching – to name just a few.