Students were inspired by an elite athlete as part of a series of workshops designed to raise their aspirations.

Four times BMX World Champion Kelvin Batey visited the academy with the Dame Kelly Holmes Trust as part of its Aspiring Minds programme.

He talked to Year 10 students about his own life and career and asked them to share their hopes for the future.

He said: “If you have a goal in life then work towards it and get rid of any limits that you think you have. You might have a dream and think that you might not be able to do that but why not? You are not different from anyone else who has achieved their dream. You can make it happen.”

The Aspiring Minds programme is delivered by Learn By Design and uses elite athletes to inspire young people to increase their motivation and future aspirations.

Students took part in a full day of activities providing them with insight, tools and opportunities to develop their skills for success.

They worked on teamwork, communication, target setting, personal goals, problem solving, risk taking and creative thinking.

Activities included using four pieces of cutting-edge sports equipment to help young people understand more about the principles of setting targets for themselves.

Students also looked at what skills are needed for success, investigated the impact of internal and external motivation factors on performance and heard about inspirational stories from high profile people living with disabilities.

They were also set a series of team challenges which helped them to develop teamwork, communication, problem solving and determination.

Mr Gritton said: “These sessions were an excellent reminder for students that they can be whatever they want to be in life if they work hard enough. They worked on developing a number of vital life skills in a series of engaging activities and we hope that the day served to really raise their aspirations.”

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