Clerk to the Governors:

Mrs R Darby – contacted via the school on

Foundation Governors:

Mrs S Medcalf (Chair of Governors)

Mr A Mowles (Chair of Standards)

Ms Anna Zimand – (Chair of Pupils & Ethos)

Co-opted Governor:

Mr R Vasey

Parent Governors:

Mrs H Phelan

Karen Daniel

Headteacher Governor:

(Ex-officio) Mr K Gritton

(Ex-officio) Mr M Brailsford (acting headteacher)


We meet each half term for Full Governing Body Meetings.

Current Governors

Name Start Date End Of Office Term Role Elected By Pecuniary Interests
Kevin Gritton Sept 2014 n/a Headteacher n/a Employed by Academy
Martin Brailsford Jan 2019 n/a Acting Headteacher n/a Employed by the Academy
 Andrew Mowles  June 2013  30/05/2021  FG Diocese  None
 Sherri Medcalf  Dec 2014  08/11/2021  FG Diocese  None
Helen Phelan Oct 2017 Sept 2021 PG Parents None
Richard Vasey Oct 2017 Sept 2021 Co-opted Gov GB None
Karen Daniel Dec 2018 Nov 2022 PG Parents
Anna Zimand  Oct 2015  31/10/2019 GFG Diocese None
Governors who have served in the last 12 months
Andrew Hall  May 2014  22/05/2018 PG Parents None
Gillian von Fragstein May 2014 30/09/2020 FG Diocese None
Dr Pamela Hagan 31/10/2020 FG Diocese None
Francesca Goss Oct 2013 10/10/2017 SG Staff None
Father Mark Brentnall Jan 2018 Dec 2022 FG Diocese None


Father John Guest Aug 2015 Aug 2019 FG

Governors’ attendance at Meetings during the academic year 2017/18


governors meeting

1 Denotes present
N Denotes not a governor at that time
A Denotes absent with apologies
O Denotes absent with no apologies
/ Denotes not on that Committee
C denotes cancelled meeting