Assessment Flightpath

How is my child doing at Saint Benedict?

The effective use of assessment data brings an improvement in your child’s attainment and progress. It supports the quality of teaching and learning and therefore we see that the targets set for your child are achievable and aspirational.

Our targets are based on Key Stage 2 SATs results for English and Mathematics. Your child will have a progress target of between 3 and 5 sub levels for the end of Year 11. The target will vary according to the Key Stage 2 sub level (either A, B or C, with A being the highest sublevel and C being the lowest) and then set according to national data. This means we expect the progress of your child to be amongst the best nationally. In addition by linking our targets to academic progress we can monitor the progress of your child and recognise success.

At GCSE level if your child does not achieve 5 grade C’s but has still achieved 4 levels of progress they will still be recognised as having made exceptional progress.

For each subject your child will be on an individual flight path (this is the diagram from the back of your progress report or booklet and is also on this web page). This will enable you to see whether your child is on track to make the progress we expect at each half term assessment. For English and Mathematics this is simple as students are assessed in these subjects at the end of Key Stage 2. Humanities and RE are based on English. GCSE Computing is based on Maths. All other subjects are based on a combination of the two to allow a fair and reasonable target to be set.

In the event that your child does not have actual Key Stage 2 data, we will still place your child on a flight path using a variety of data including Key Stage 2 teacher assessment data, CATs data, prior attainment from Saint Benedict or other schools as appropriate. If your child lacks any data whatsoever we are conducting tests in Maths and English to assess their current level and create an appropriate target.

The progress towards the final grade in Year 11 has been carefully plotted so that your child’s progress can be measured along their personal flight path. Please note that in Year 9 there is a combination of National Curriculum Levels and GCSE Grades; this reflects the combination of courses in Year 9 where students commence GCSE courses in English, Maths, Science, RE and Expressive Arts and will receive GCSE grades. Other subjects are treated as Key Stage 3 subjects and will have a numerical level.

We recognise that the progress along the flight path will not always be as predicted and that students may exceed their flight path target as well as fall behind. Therefore we will monitor the progress of your child and pick up any underachievement of more than one sublevel at any of the six progress points.

I hope you find this information useful and informative. If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Round or the relevant Director of Learning for information regarding specific subjects.