“This Is What We’re All About…!”

Our Chaplaincy is firmly rooted in the very heart of the mission statement and school community. In our Statement we say that we will; “build up a loving community with Christ at the centre” and that is what we try to do!

How? By working with students, staff, parents, parishes, primary schools and our local community, we help to make sure that “things work” by attempting to be at the centre of what’s going on.

We are very proud that for many years we have been doing this and developing our Chaplaincy and its role in our school community. 2015/16 will be another exciting year for us offering many opportunities to get involved and promote our Catholic ethos.

Over the years, Chaplaincy has promoted countless exciting and innovative projects which we hope supports every member of our school. The spiritual life of our school has been strengthened and enriched by the hard work and dedication shown by all those people who have expressed an interest and got involved with our Chaplaincy team. A special mention this year goes to two of our Chaplaincy team members.

The spiritual and prayer life of our school community is a very important part of our teaching and learning experience. By learning to pray together and sharing our experiences, we are strengthening with each other and our school community, and growing as the people of God.

There are many opportunities to pray; either in an organised service, such as our Friday Mass, or individually when there may be the need for a little peace and quiet.

Our Chapel is a very special place and is open every day from 8.00am for anyone who wishes to come in and start the day in a few moments of prayer. The “Inner Garden” provides a beautiful place for prayer, reflection or lunch! The “Quiet Room” offers a place to retreat or meet or as it says, be quiet. All of these places are to be found in North Block.

The Chaplain and Chaplaincy team organise the liturgical side of the school, and they offer a number of other services. The most important of which is that Chaplaincy is a support network for the whole school community which includes students, staff, parents, Governors and members of the local parishes. In an institution, which is so large and busy, it is always comforting to know that there is somewhere to go to be quiet and someone available to talk to if support is needed.

That is what Chaplaincy is all about; remember we are here to help!