The Briars

Sixth Form Briars Retreat 2012

Sixth form Briars retreat takes place in the beginning of the academic year; we are joined at the Briars retreat centre with fellow sixth form groups, so we all shared common views and opinions, throughout the week the entire sixth form group merged as one. Taking part in the retreat at this time is optimum students because it allows us to bond and spiritually prepare for the following academic year. As a group we spend a week doing team building activities, one of the days during the week was spent outdoor with the FOCUS activity company; this was a really enjoyable day it made us aware of our fellow peer’s strengths and weaknesses.

As a group we took a trip on the Briars prayer journey, this gave us the opportunity to share our worries and concerns but to also spend time reflecting on our lives so far and helped us to try and overcome any barriers that we were facing, as well as a time to spend thanking God for all the wonderful things we have in our lives. This evening has stayed with everyone who took part; it reminded us that we always have a God to turn to at any time in our lives.

On the last evening we prepared and celebrated mass together and enjoyed a formal Briars meal followed by a variety show, this evening was a celebration of the happy and enjoyable week we had shared together, it was also an opportunity to build and celebrate the new friendships made.

Once we had returned to school after the week of retreat, there was a new and excited vibe around the sixth form; there was a sense of reengaged enthusiasm which proved to have positive effects on all aspects of the students’ lives.

By: Katie Mowles