Walsingham 2012

On the Friday we travel down to Walsingham, in Norfolk, we spend the evening eating and getting to know other young people from the Diocese that have come to help out on the pilgrimage and develop their faith.

We spend Saturday working with ‘Reach 4’ an outreach team from The Briars, in Crich. We talk about our faith and understanding of what it means to be Catholic. They create a theme for the weekend to help us explore and guide us along our faith journey. Also if the weathers suitable we travel to the seaside to enjoy the beach and the fun arcades!

The Sunday is a busy day, as we prepare to help older pilgrims process to the Shrine Of Our Lady. We help them off their coaches or if they wish to walk the procession we help them along the way providing water or just support.

Walsingham is a very spiritual weekend that helps us understand and develop the concept of being an active Catholic by helping others.

By: Alicia Malley