The Jamaican High Commissioner paid a visit to Saint Benedict Catholic Voluntary Academy as part of an official visit to Derby.

His Excellency Mr Seth George Ramocan is Jamaican High Commisioner to the UK and Jamaican ambassador to several other nations around the world.

Mr Ramocan met a group of pupils and staff and was given an extensive tour of the school.

He spoke to the pupils about developments in Jamaica and encouraged them all to be ambassadors for Jamaica themselves in the way that they live their lives at school and at home.

Following the tour of the school Mr Ramocan spoke of the great atmosphere.

He said: “You can just feel the aspiration about the whole school and the ambition of the staff ad pupils. All of the children took great pride in their uniform and appearance and their behaviour in every lesson was impeccable’.

The pupils enjoyed the chance to meet the Jamaican Ambassador and to talk about their experiences in the UK.

Mr Gritton said: “This was a great honour, to have such a distinguished visitor to our school. It was wonderful to hear such positive things said about our school and the atmosphere here. We were very proud of our diverse community with pupils here from all over the world.

“It makes Saint Benedict such a special place to be educated and to work and it helps to give the school such a vibrant and aspirational feel. We are delighted that Mr Ramocan also felt this so strongly.”

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