Listening to our Students and Developing Leadership Potential

At Saint Benedict we believe strongly that by being listened to and having a key role to play in terms of how their school is run, all students gain a strong sense of ownership and pride in their school.
We achieve this in a number of ways:

  • Our School Council meets regularly and has representatives of all ages. This group plays a key part in whole-school decision-making and is one of the first groups we consult with on new ideas. This group has been responsible for a number of initiatives including our Curriculum Review, the purchase of additional outdoor seating and the planning of our non-uniform fundraising day.
  • Led by our Head Boy and Girl, our Sixth Form Student Leadership Team also meet during the year to share their ideas for improving the experience of all children in the school. Running the school for the day on National Takeover Day in 2014 gave this group of students an invaluable experience of leadership.
  • As a Year 11 Prefect, your child would take on the responsibility of supporting staff on a day to day basis in the running of the school. Over 120 Prefects in Year 11 this year gained the opportunity to lead and to be ambassadors for the school at a whole range of events.
  • Listening to our children and working with them permeates all that we do. Students are involved in the decisions made on every staff appointment and regularly have the opportunity to share their ideas and views. Giving young people a voice also gives them a sense of responsibility, helping them to learn how to have a voice in society when they leave us and a belief that they can change the world to make it a better place.