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The ‘Class of 2018’ was celebrated at our Presentation Evening.

Subject awards were handed out to last year’s Year 13 and 11 students along with GCSE and A-level certificates.

Deputy Head Hazel Boyce welcomed students and their families followed by Chair of Governors, Sherri Medcalf, and new Head of School Martin Brailsford.

Mrs Medcalf congratulated all of the students on their many achievements.

She said: “On behalf of the governors I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of you. It’s such a pleasure to be part of this evening, recognising all of the hard work that you have completed over the years. You are a credit to yourselves and your families and to the wider school community so well done.”

Mr Brailsford gave his first address since becoming Head of School this month.

He said: “Take your rewards and remember the journey that you have been on, remember that support that you have received. I hope all of you feel as proud as I do.”

Sean McClafferty, CEO of the St Ralph Sherwin Catholic Multi-Academy Trust, was the guest of honour.

He told the students: “Failure does happen and things do go wrong. Resilience is something that you need to have more than anything, the ability to bounce back. How we do things in life matters more than the specific job we do, your God given talents matter more than exam results and you can leave a bigger mark by who you are becoming rather than what you do for a living.”

A series of special awards was handed out which included The Joe Ferrier Award for Best Music Newcomer, presented to Febi Jaimon and Eleanor McLaughlin won The Malcolm Sircom Award for Musical Theatre. Eleanor also won The Roger Bounds Award for Outstanding Performance Across Science Subjects at A-level.

The Brendan McGowan Award for an Outstanding Contribution to Sport was presented to Charlotte Hall and The Alex Field Award and The Maggie Gorman Award for Independent Living Skills were handed to the family of James Howland, a student who sadly passed away last year.

A final vote of thanks was delivered by Head Boy Euan Harrison and Head Girl Grace Jenner.

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Twenty students are being given a taste of life at university after being selected to take part in a prestigious programme.

Seven Year 12 students and 13 Year 10 students were chosen to be part of the Scholars Programme which is run by an organisation called DANCOP.

DANCOP is the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire Collaborative Outreach Programme, a partnership between the local Higher Education providers including universities and colleges.

As part of the Scholars Programme, students receive visits in school from university researchers, PhD tutors teach university-style tutorials to groups of students and students visit two leading universities before completing the programme with a final 2,000 word assignment.

Students have already taken part in a launch trip at Nottingham Trent University, during which they had an academic tutorial with their PhD tutor, took part in an Information, Advice and Guidance session, were given a tour led by a current student.

Aoife Galletly, assistant headteacher, said: “As a school, we are delighted to see how the students have grown in confidence in their academic ability and potential. It has been transformative for many of the students.”

Charlie Foster Phillips, lead project officer DANCOP Derby Hub, said: “The Scholars Programme provides learners with a small insight into the world of academia and research. This opportunity is a good fit for Saint Benedict pupils as it encourages their already engaged and inquisitive attitudes to learning.”


Celebrating the class of 2018

If you took GCSE or A Level exams in the summer we are delighted to announce that certificates will be presented on January 9th at 7pm. Invitations will be out soon, please put the date in your diary, we’d love to see you. 


Hundreds of students were rewarded for their academic and extra-curricular achievements at our Presentation Evening.

Students from Year 8 to 11 received awards in front of a packed audience of parents, family members, carers and staff.

House awards were also made, with the Athletics Day Trophy going to Kolbe House and the  Attendance Shield being won by John Paul House.

The opening prayer was delivered by academy chaplain Jannice Richtof and this was followed by an introduction from deputy head teacher Hazel Boyce.

Kevin Gritton, head teacher , told the audience that it was sheer hard work and practice that made the difference rather than pure talent.

He said: “We talk a lot about talent and a lot of students have talent and gifts but the difference is not talent it’s sheer practice. Very often you think you are good at just one thing but not another but all of you here have got the ability to work hard, to practice, to attend well and to keep doing well.”

Mr Gritton paid tribute to his younger brother who was determined to become a professional footballer.

He said: “He was just like you and he had the same qualities and attitude, it wasn’t about being talented or gifted, it was about grafting and hard work. To achieve 100 per cent attendance, that’s hard. A massive well done to you, keep doing what you are doing, keep working hard and keep practising, practising, practising. Well done everyone.”

The academy’s chair of governors, Sherri Medcalf, also addressed students.

She said: “Many of you might have particular skills that allow you to achieve in certain areas more easily. For most of us achievements in some areas is realised through sheer effort and persistence. What we lack in natural ability we make up for in hard work. Don’t give up and think of the satisfaction you get when you work hard at something.”

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Tours for Year 6 pupils

We will be holding tours for Year 6 pupils and parents on October 10th and 16th starting at North Block – parents to arrive for a 9.15 am start please. The tours should be completed by 10.45am.