During the Last week of summer, we gather students and staff to a pilgrimage to Lourdes. We have been visiting this pilgrimage site for over 30 years!


A 2012 testimonial from Julia McLaughlin:

Lourdes is one of the few places in the world that create once in a lifetime memories. We travelled there in the last week of the summer term to begin a spiritual journey. Our time in Lourdes was a life changing experience that we will never forget, we made great friends (old and young) and learnt a lot about ourselves in the process. We spent the week acting as hand maids and Brancardiers to the sick, elderly and disabled; our VIP’s. Through the masses, processions and bathing in the waters we not only learnt a lot about one another but found out about ourselves too.

Apart from the ice cream, one of my favourite parts of the whole week was the procession of light in front of the two basilicas. The thousands of candles lit up the whole square and paired with the voices of the choir created a breath taking scene.


Our group came back from the journey tired but happy that they had given everything to helping others and to their pilgrimage. It is a truly spiritual experience.