Academy Uniform and Appearance Policy

Accessibility Plan

Antibullying Policy

Attendance policy

Assessment, Marking & Feedback Policy

Behaviour-policy-revised-for-COVID19 return to school SEPT 2020

BYOD Policy and Procedure (Sixth Form Students)

Charging and Remissions Policy

Collective Worship Policy

Complaints Policy

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection and Freedom of Information Policy

E Safety Policy

Extra Curricular Policy

Free School Meals Privacy Notice for Exceptional Circumstances

Medical Conditions Policy

Privacy Notice

Relationship and Sex Education Policy

Safeguarding Policy

Safeguarding addendum: Covid 19 safeguarding policy April 2020



Student Acceptable Use Policy

Examination Policies

Exam Contingency Plan 2016-17

Exam Evacuation Procedures 2016-17

Examination Policy – October 2016

Exams Disability Policy 2018-19

Exams Internal Appeals Policy

Access Arrangements Policy

Word-processor Policy 2018-19