Year 10 Business Studies students attended a ‘Question Time’ event at The Quad in Derby.

They participated along with students from other local schools and the panellists were Adam Buss, CEO at The Quad, Adam Tamsett, General Manager at INTU Derby, Heidi Barlow, Head of Marketing for East Midlands Airport, David Carlin, Training and Compliance Manager and Head of CSR GI Group and BBC radio presenter Devon Daley.

This was an event designed to inspire and provide first hand examples of responsible business practice for Business Studies students.

It was a Question Time style panel discussion where students asked representatives of different businesses how their organisations endeavoured to behave responsibly. This was followed by a networking session for the students, teachers and business people in attendance.

During the networking students were encouraged to share their ideas for improving the way businesses work, making workplaces better and helping communities thrive.

The overarching theme this year was ‘every company can make a difference place by place’.

Other themes which were explored included:

*The importance of building resilience and social and emotional competencies both in school and the workplace

*The impact that the changing nature of work could have on resilience and wellbeing

*Impact and perceptions of the impact of social media on health and wellbeing and importantly employability

*The NHS is 70 years old this year – what does a modern health service look like and how can it respond to the rising demands of mental health? What role does the community – schools and businesses have to play in easing these demands?