Students were celebrating after achieving top A-level results today.

Eddie McAteer, 18, achieved three As in Maths, English Literature and French and is planning on taking a year out before studying French at Bristol University.

During his gap year Eddie will be volunteering in Fiji with an organisation called Think Pacific. He will be working on building projects and sports coaching.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to the volunteering. Eventually I’m hoping to go into sports journalism.

“I honestly didn’t know if I’d done enough after the exams but there was nothing I could do once they were over.

“I was really nervous last night and I had a bit of a panic when I didn’t think I’d answered the right question in the English exam. I’m going to celebrate now though.”

Febi Jaimon, 18, achieved As in Maths and Further Maths and an A* in Chemistry and is going on to study Maths at university.

He said: “I’m really pleased with my results. I couldn’t sleep last night and I was completely nervous.”

Daria Wieckowska, 18, achieved an A in Biology and Bs in Maths and Chemistry and is going on to study Biomedical Science at Nottingham Trent University.

She said: “I felt so happy and relieved when I realised what I’d got. I wasn’t sure how the exams had gone but I’ve manged to switch off over the summer as I had a job so I was working. I received an unconditional offer from Nottingham Trent so I knew I had got in but I was still nervous about picking up my results.”

Ben Connolly, 18, scored three As in Biology, French and Maths and will also be studying Biomedical Science but at Manchester University.

He said: “I didn’t sleep last night and although I set my alarm for 6am it didn’t go off but luckily I just woke up at 6.30am. I couldn’t believe it to be honest, I was absolutely speechless.”

Lawrence Penna, 18, achieved Bs in Music Technology and Drama and a Double Distinction in his Cambridge Technical Media qualification.

He is going on to study Music Technology and said: “I wasn’t feeling nervous until I got the envelope and then when I saw my results I was chuffed.”

Lawrence will complete a gap year at The Briars residential centre in Crich before continuing with his studies.

Ben Wright, 18, achieved three As in Maths, Further Maths and Biology and is going on to Leeds University to study Maths.

He said: “I’ve kept pretty busy over the summer and I thought my exams went quite well and I had done all I could do. I’m happy to be going to Leeds and I’m pleased to have achieved three As.”

Ellie McLaughlin, 18, is celebrating after scoring three As in Biology, Chemistry and Maths and is going on to study Dentistry at Sheffield University.

She said: “I wanted to be sick this morning and when I opened my results it was just a relief. My mum kept asking me what my back up plan was and I didn’t really have one. About five or six years ago I had a lot of orthodontic work done and that is what inspired me to want to study Dentistry.”

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