Students are being encouraged to put pen to paper and voice their opinions on topical subjects for the school newspaper.

Corah Gritton and Joe Clark, both 17, are looking for willing students to write articles which will be published on the school website for Student Voice.

So far, around 15 articles have been published online on a range of subjects including the the impact of Brexit on education, sexting, fundraising events, theatre trips and a day in the life of deputy head teacher Mr Brailsford.

Corah said: “We’ve had some really great articles so far and we’d love to see more. It’s a great opportunity for students to voice their opinions about issues they feel strongly about.

“They can also write about something they are involved with in school so it could be a trip they’ve been on or a fundraising event they’ve taken part in.

Being involved with the school newspaper also looks good on your personal statement or your CV.

“It’s about students expressing their voice and you could just write a one-off article or more, there’s so much you can talk about.”

Joe said: “The articles we’ve had so far have been on a range of topics and it’s great to see students having their say. We would love more people to be involved.”

Anyone interested in writing for the student newspaper should email Mrs Belmore on

Take a look at the articles already online on the academy website