Students at Saint Benedict Catholic Voluntary Academy scooped first place in an inter-schools Science competition.

Amy Short, Bethany Alger, Faye Diamante, Thomas Hall, Liam Hunt and Rowan Woods won the Faraday Challenge which was held at Allestree Woodlands School.

Six schools from across Derby took part and each team had to think about how a computer chip, called a Micro:bit, could be used in everyday life.

Jessica Hampson, Science teacher at Saint Benedict CVA, said the students came up with an innovative idea.

She said: “Firstly they had to teach themselves how to code by reading a PDF. Then they had to come up with an idea for using the computer chip and they chose to use it so that it could warn people if their mobile phone was overheating.

“They had to give a presentation and they were fantastic and such an asset to the school.

“They conducted themselves with complete professionalism and ensured each member of the group had a voice.

“The Faraday leading engineer said they had strong ideas and that their engineering skills were fantastic.

“I had no input to the challenge, they did everything themselves and our PGCE Chris Hall gave them some great motivational speeches. We were all thrilled when they were announced as the winners and would like to congratulate them on such a wonderful achievement.”

Faraday Challenge 2