Students showed their love for literature at an English Poster Symposium.

Year 9 students were asked to create a display connected to either their favourite book or genre.

The work was exhibited and Year 8 students were given the opportunity to view it and ask Year 9 students questions about their displays before voting for their favourite.

Carolina Kureczko, Head of English, said she was thrilled with the standard of work that had been produced.

She said: “Initially students were asked to work on their own and read a challenging book, be it something modern or classic, and they were given the chance to compare the books.

“We then asked them to work in groups to create their displays and they could focus on a book or genre that they were passionate about.

“The work was amazing and it’s obvious that the students took a lot of time over this. As well as supporting their reading, this project also helped them to learn how to work in a team and it was also about sharing good practice with Year 8 students and inspiring them.”

Ellie Wood, 14, created a display about Pride and Prejudice with her friend Kerys Mather, 13.

She said: “I’ve read all of the Jane Austen books and I love them. I like to push myself when it comes to reading and I love psychological thrillers too.

“With Pride and Prejudice I was looking at how people have to give a part of themselves up to fall in love with each other. I think I’ve read the book four or five times and seen the film about 20 times.”

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