Students from Saint Benedict Catholic Voluntary Academy were given lessons about teamwork during a workshop to teach them real-life skills.

Representatives from the Prince’s Trust visited the academy to run a session with students which focused on working together.

The students talked about the benefits of working in a team, discussed examples of how they had already worked together as a team and took part in physical challenges.

One of the activities saw them split into two groups and they were asked to pass a ball to each other over a divide without dropping it.

Ted Fearon, development instructor from the Prince’s Trust, said the idea was to teach students skills that could help them in later life.

He said: “We are showing students the benefits of working with others and how you can often do a lot more when you are working with other people rather than working on your own. We talked about why we work in a team and then we carried out challenges.

 “One of the challenges involved creating a divide between two groups of students and they had to pass the ball over that divide without dropping it. The divide was widened and they had to work together and support each other to enable them to catch the ball.”

Tracy Goold, Behaviour Support Teacher (SEND) at Saint Benedict CVA, said the students thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.

She said: “This is the best way for them to learn and a workshop like this helps them to develop their confidence, co-operation and teamwork, they are skills for life and exactly what employers are looking for.

“This session really took them out of their comfort zone but if they can work in a team they can work anywhere.”

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