Dear Parent/Carer,

The government immunisation guidelines have recently changed and immunisation schedules will be very different this year. A new company named Citycare from Nottingham won the contract to administer all secondary school age vaccines across the east midlands. This includes the HPV vaccine for yr 8 and 9 girls and the meningitis vaccine for all year 9s.(which used to be given at the GP surgery). These will now be administered in school. Please take note of the following dates if your child is in yr8 or 9.

Jan 25th yr 8 and yr 9 girls HPV vaccine

Feb25th All yr 9 menigitis vaccine

Female students in yr 9 received their first dose of HPV last year so on the 25th they will be receiving their second. We already have consent forms from last year.

Female students in yr 8 will be receiving their first dose on the 25th and consent forms were distributed in Dec 2015. All consent forms must be returned to school by Jan 11th.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact me on 01332 557032 on Mondays or Thursdays.


Many thanks

Lisa Wilson

School nurse