A Saint Benedict CVA student and her brother have completed over 120,000 steps in just over two weeks and raised more than £700 for charity but they are not stopping there.

Chloe, 11, and Jack Cheshire, nine, originally set a target of achieving 3,000 steps between them each day over three weeks, with the aim of raising £200.

But 13 days in and they have already completed 128,910 steps – more than double their initial goal.

The money raised will go to Doorways Derby, which provides food and clothes to the homeless but is now delivering food packages to those in need.

Chloe and Jack’s mum Michelle Bestwick said that everyone was thrilled with the amount they’d raised so far.

She said: “They’ve been wanting to do a fundraiser for some time now so they thought about doing steps in the garden. I asked them to research some charities which they could support and they came back and said they’d like to do it for Doorways as they do amazing work. They are delivering food parcels to people who can’t get out and it’s all free and led by volunteers. They are very busy at the moment.

“They do the steps either in the garden or as part of their daily exercise and we record it all and put it on Facebook so people can see that they are actually doing it.

“Some days they are doing 9,000 steps between them, it’s all recorded on a step counter they’ve downloaded on to their iPad.

“They thought they could raise £200 but we’ve gone past that, they are amazed by the amount of money that they’ve raised. I’ve talked to them about how we’ve got everything we need but there are some families who can’t feed themselves.”

Chloe said she was enjoying the fundraising challenge.

She said: “I don’t think I’ve ever done so much exercise. I am a bit tired but hopefully this will help lots of people, I do feel proud of what we have done so far.”

Michelle and Chloe and Jack’s stepdad took part in the ice bucket challenge to raise an extra £200.

Kevin Gritton, headteacher at Saint Benedict CVA, in Duffield Road, Derby, congratulated Chloe and Jack on their efforts.

He said: “This is a great idea and as well as benefiting Chloe and Jack as they are getting plenty of exercise, the money raised will go towards helping families who are in need at this difficult time. We always encourage our students to think of others and this is a fantastic example of that. Well done Chloe and Jack.”

If you would like to donate, please click on the following link https://bit.ly/2VPFczh